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Welcome Green Shield KSA

Green Shield for Insurance Br Ltd (GSIB) is among the first brokerage firm to be licensed by Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in Saudi Arabia Our head office is based in Ali Reza Tower in Jeddah city.

We provide our best services locally as well internationally across the world. Since we have established in 2003, we pride ourselves in our strong client relationship and providing services to major clients, some of which are rated among the top companies in KSA.

GSIB is owned by a group of prominent businessmen, financially secured, educated and of high integrity. The standard core values that are focused on at GSIB are Commitment, competence, reliability, integrity, security, fairness and care.

Our History

In 2003

Some of prominent businessmen sat together in order to form insurance brokerage firm in order to serve the market in KSA and elsewhere in GCC countries.

For this purpose they purchased an existing brokerage firm and they have expanded the operation.

Following this new merge, the newly established company GSIB moved fast in the market with good reputation.

GSIB has increased its premium income 4 folds from inception till date.

Charmin Letter

Over the years

Green Shield for Insurance Br Ltd has created a unique culture, one focused on meeting the needs and desires of our customers by introducing new idea; and follow-up system, supported by talented and dedicated team. As our company expands within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the transmission of the adopted system has become of paramount importance to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best service.

Much time is spent attracting and hiring people as well as establishing a lady section who share our believes about enhancing the quality and thoughtful service. By making sure that they completely understand our values, we thus extend our philosophy.

Green Shield for Insurance Br Ltd (GSIB) continues to expand the project management department including research and development in order to satisfy our customers; and to find the best solution to their problems. Our aim and vision are gears toward a successful partnership between us and our loyal customers.


Chairman of the board
Shk. Ghassan Salahuddin Abduljawad

Our Board Of Directors

Shk. Ghassan Salahuddin Abduljawad

He is a prominent businessman from well-established and known Saudi family.

Shk. Ghassan holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Beloit Wisconsin University, US in 1977. He is a partner and chairman of GSNI and member of the board at Arabian Naval Company.

In addition, he is owner and president of General Machinery Agencies (GMA) distributers for world renowned manufactures of trucks, heavy machinery and equipment.

Shk. Yasin Ibrahim Alireza

He is a renowned Saudi Businessman from a respected and well-established family in the Kingdom, holding a Bachelor degree in Economics and Master in Political Science from Roosevelt Chicago University in US in 1974.
Sh. Yasin is the owner of Yasin Alireza Establishment as well as the Deputy President of Transcontinental Company.
He is also the president of Delta Alireza Transport Company and a member of the Board of GSNI as well.

Bandar Fahad Alireza

Sheikh Bandar is the Chairman of Alireza Holding Co. Which owns and operates some of Saudi’s top 100 retail brands.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College, US 1995.

Our Team

GSIB seeks to recruit professional team with extensive experience in domestic and international Insurance market. In addition, we intend to support and stimulate the development of their abilities and aspirations through ongoing training courses.

Finally, both, our broker and claim teams are dedicated and highly experienced, to provide our customers with a fast and efficient response for them to feel our distinctive and unique services.


We’ve Won An Award!

For the outstanding services and prestigious quality, GSIB was invited to Zurich, Switzerland, to receive the:

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