GSIB Operates as a major mediator between the client and the insurance companies. It is our responsibility to protect our clients form the challenges of uncertainty so that they could focus more on their business and save time and energy. We create value by providing professional consultancy and services to our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their solution. We then introduce the most appropriate and suitable solution. Our services include risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, insurance program management, risk analysis, arbitration, loss prevention, and claims processing. As our business grows, the client-focused culture in GSIB will remain as important as ever.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of insurance services in the Middle East, while adhering to the highest level of ethics and services, thus guaranteeing security and assuring integrity to its esteemed clients.

Our Vision

GSIB responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the service and engage in sustainable caring relations with our clients. Our vision is put into action through programs that anticipate the needs of clients, focus on activities to benefit society, and commit to maximizing the shareholder value.

Our Role as Broker

  • Analyze client’s exposures – Risk Management.
  • Advice on Insurance requirements.
  • Prepare details for insurers.
  • Using market knowledge approach cross-section of Insurers particularly suitable for risks to be covered. Present suggestions/quotes to clients. When instructed by the client, arrange Insurance.
  • Check all policy documents …etc.
  • Collect premium and pay (eventually) to Insurance Co.
  • Ensure all Insurance requirements continually checked and updated as necessary.
  • Assist clients with claims …etc.
  • Ensure the prompt settlement of claims. Help in the arbitration.
  • Make sure your genuine claims are settled.
  • Arranging an attractive package at a very competitive cost.
  • Our fees will be charged directly to the underwriters, without our clients having any extra burden of expenses.

Our Aim

We are committed to our clients every step of the way from product planning and Risk Management, to actual handling and settlements of claims.

  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Claims Settlement
  • Arbitration
  • Loss Prevention

Our Goal

To provide attention, care, and first-class security to valued clients.

Our devotion and flexibility is the core of our continuity and success.

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